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The SEED Program addresses global issues by enriching the professional skill development of young students and entrepreneurs who then strengthen their communities and make a social impact in the world.


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"Social impact through youth empowerment."

Our Program 

The SEED Program is a learning platform for undergraduate students to develop professional skills and excel as successful and competitive social entrepreneurs in their communities, industries, and the world. Our program helps young professionals learn about business development, deepen their understating of sustainable development, and apply innovative thinking to today’s complex social challenges. Through the SEED Program, young professionals are empowered to improve their communities through social entrepreneurship by helping turn creative ideas and business solutions into marketable concepts.

The SEED Program offers training in social entrepreneurship including: business development, cross-cultural communication, and Sustainable Development Goals. The curriculum provides opportunities for participants to develop their business skills through online seminars on Design Thinking, Social Entrepreneurship, Team Building, Leadership, and Business Development from experts in those fields. Skill development is fostered through a combination of online classroom dialogues, international exchange, guided research, and a Study Tour.  Invited participants will learn about business development from both a global and local lens by interacting directly with relevant stakeholders and businesses. Alongside their skill development through the curriculum and research, participants develop a final Social Entrepreneurship Project as an application of learned skills. The objective of the project is to create innovative solutions to address a local development or social challenge in the host community. During the Study Tour, participants travel to the host community and strengthen their projects by engaging with experts and local stakeholders in person to polish research concepts and project presentations. The Study Tour concludes with the presentation of the participants' projects to stakeholders, local community leaders, and field professionals. 

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The curriculum conducts courses based on Design Thinking, Social Entrepreneurship, Team Building, Business Development, Cross-Cultural Communication,  and Leadership for personal and career development. Participants acquire the  skills  and tools required for successful business growth or in any professional field. 

Corporate partners provide speakers for virtual classroom experiences, access to local facilities, as well as conference panels, giving participants exposure to valuable trade knowledge and field expertise. Rather than fund or implement individual projects, corporate partners facilitate the development of ideas through resources and counseling.

Participants research the socioeconomic and cultural contexts of the host community while engaging with stakeholders and field experts to develop proposals that transform ideas into concrete businesses or strategies. At the end of the Study Tour,  acknowledgements will be awarded for the best designs based on creativity, viability, popularity, and consumer interest.




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The 2022 SEED Study Tour is set to take place in Yamanashi, Japan. Participants will travel to Tokyo for 3 days for intensive project review and expert guidance before transferring to Yamanashi for 7 more days. The focal area for this year's Social Entrepreneurship Projects is "Revitalization of Local Economy: Tourism & Sustainability." In Japan, participants will apply learned skills and develop realistic business proposals. Participants  will also have the opportunity to visit Kyoto to experience and learn more about Japan’s rich culture and history on the last day of the program. 

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Why the SEED Program? 

The SEED Program is a unique and excellent way of developing one's professional, academic, and entrepreneurial skills in a cross-cultural environment. The program also provides an opportunity for networking and visible achievements that can be displayed on one's professional history. Furthermore, participants will develop a research and business proposal that will continue to be of value to one's academic and entrepreneurial future beyond the program.  

How to Participate

The applications for the 2022 SEED Program has been closed.

Thank you for your interest.

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