The SEED Program offered through GOROM Association attempts to address global issues by supporting the skill development of young professionals so that they may in turn strengthen their communities and make a social impact in the world.


The SEED Program aims to develop social entrepreneurial, leadership, and cross-cultural communication skills, as well as a deepen the understanding of global business development. Through a specialized Curriculum and an interactive Study Tour, participants are empowered to develop business ideas with social impact through international exchange, cross-cultural networking, and guided learning. Participants are tasked with conducting preliminary research, developing a business proposal for how to apply the conclusions of their research, and presenting these results in a “Final Pitch.”


Meet The Team

Goro Mutsuura

Executive Director


Goro Mutsuura has more than 35 years of professional experience working in international and multilateral organizations, including 25 years of substantive at the Inter-American Development Bank Group. Goro has made efforts to develop human resources for university students, held various active learning classes at universities in Japan and overseas, and contributed to students' understanding of different cultures through international youth exchange activities. As a professor and advisor, he has also helped build institutional partnerships between Japanese and Latin American universities.

Ryan Distaso 

Associate Director 


Ryan Distaso holds a Master of Arts in International Affairs from the George Washington University with specializations in Security, Foreign Policy, and Japan. He has prior experience at the United Nations in India and Europe, non-governmental organizations in Switzerland, and non-profits in Japan and Washington D.C. He possesses expertise in non-profit and political risk management, as well as public and foreign policy development. Ryan focuses on socio-economic issues in Japan and U.S.-Japan bilateral collaboration through the private sector and government policy. 

Mari Asano 



Mari Asano holds a Master's degree in Public Policy from the University of Sussex and has 10 years of experience as a Project Manager/Coordinator leading multinational teams. She worked for IT firms including startups in Japan and Colombia, a university in Colombia, and non-governmental organizations in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Rwanda. Building on her work experience in various institutional sectors, now her mission is to facilitate public-private partnerships to bring innovations into the international world, especially for sustainable development. 

Cino Hayashi

Assistant Coordinator

Cino_profile photo.jpg

Cino Hayashi is a second-year graduate student in the Department of English at Tsuru University, Yamanashi, Japan. During her undergraduate years, she finished one academic year exchange program at Rutgers University from 2019 to 2020. She has also participated in the International World Literature Seminar 2021 hosted by Harvard University. Her interest is in the revitalization of the local communities and educational support through art and culture.

Yuma Konaka 

Assistant Coordinator 

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Yuma Konaka studies international relations in the School of Global Japanese Studies at Meiji University. He has experience of international volunteering on revitalization of local culture and environmental conservation. He also took a working holiday in Barcelona for half a year. As he takes a great interest in international cooperation, he worked as an intern for a development consulting firm. With these experiences, Yuma dedicates himself to making the SEED Program full of inspirational experiences and learnings for each participant.


Hana Toyosaki

Communications Intern


Hana Toyosaki is a second year student in the Department of Social System Design at Eikei University in Hiroshima. Eikei University was founded only two years ago, but Hana has learned about a wide range of fields and studies the creation of new social values. Hana actively participates in activities for promotion of local economy and culture. She is concentrated on communications and internal strategies, as well as data support for the 2022 SEED Program. Hana’s academic interests include environmental issues, gender studies, and Information Technology, and she aspires to work on solving various social issues from an international perspective.

Maki Onishi

Communications Intern  

Maki_prfile photo

I’m Maki Onishi. I’m a second year student in the Department of Social System Design at Eikei University in Hiroshima. I’ve spent exciting days with contacting new studies in this university. Recently, I’m interested in reverse discrimination found in feminism. In this internship, I will be aware that English is just a tool of communication and  try to take part in activities positively.

Nonoka Tagashira

Communications Intern  

Nonoka_profile photo

My name is Nonoka Tagashira and I am a second grade in the Department of Social System Design at Eikei university. I am really looking forward to doing international exchanges. I am learning so many things at university, but I am especially interested in solving social issues such as climate change, gender, human rights, and so on, so I want to learn, acquire, and practice many things through this internship. Also, by talking a lot with students overseas, I want to improve my English skill as well.

Aya Nishimura

Communications Intern  


Aya Nishimura is a first year student at Eikei University. Aya concentrates on communications and internal strategies for the 2022 SEED Program. Her interests include studying and using English, as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She is also interested in how to implement the SDGs in Japanese society. 

Aki Nishimoto

Communications Intern  


Aki Nishimoto is a freshman in the Faculty of Social System Design at Eikei University. She has experience in various volunteer and international exchange activities since high school. As an internship student for the 2022 SEED Program, she is concentrating on communications and internal strategies. She has visited Germany, Hong Kong and the United States, and is keen to broaden her intercultural experiences through this program.

Sayu Yoshimune

Communications Intern  

Sayu_profile photo

Sayu Yoshimune is a Communications Intern, a freshman in the Faculty of Social System Design at Eikei University. As an internship student in the SEED Program 2022, she contributes to the communication area of the program. From her high school experiences, attending an international course, she strives every day to cross-cultural understanding. She is keen on making new international friends through this program.

Marin Shin

Communications Intern  

Marin_profile photo

Marin Shin is a Communications Intern, a freshman in the Faculty of Social System Design at Eikei University. As an internship student in the SEED Program 2022, her mission is to organize activities to engage with participating international students and japanese students.